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Imperiled Planet by Edward Goldsmith, Peter Bunyard, Nicholas Hildyard, Patrick Mccully

an easily accessible presentation of a wide range of ecosystems, showing how they work, the traditional forms of human use, threats to these systems and the extent and range of losses, the underlying causes of destruction, and what is being done to save them as well as what still needs to be done
Green Britain or Industrial Wasteland? by Edward Goldsmith, Nicholas Hildyard
>Cover up: The facts they don't want you to know by Nicholas Hildyard

Animated History US Nuclear Power - Visual Chronology of Events 1941 to present day

Robotics Lab

Look Smart Find Articles - 5 Of The Best - Ecology
The Ages of Gaia
 Gaia: The Practical Science of Planetary Medicine
by J. E. Lovelock  Homage to Gaia: The Life of an Independent Scientist
by J. E. Lovelock

Published by Robert Laffont (March 26, 1990)

Gaia by James Lovelock,
Gia: A new look at life on earth
by J. E Lovelock

Tracers in the Ocean (Royal Society Discussion Volumes)
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society
of London, series A, v.325 (no.1583),
these papers present techniques and results
for researchers and graduate students in geochemistry,
oceanography, and atmospheric science.

ETNOBOTÁNICA  - AMBIENTAL - biodiversidad Low Impact Development: Planning and People in a Sustainable Countryside
by Simon Fairlie
The Earth Report: The Essential Guide to Global Ecological Issues
by Edward Goldsmith, Nicholas Hildyard
The Earth Report:
Monitoring the Battle for Our Environment

by Edward Goldsmith, Nicholas Hildyard
Digital Library for Nuclear Issues

The Survival Guide: What to Do in a Biological, Chemical, or Nuclear Emergency
by ANGELO DR ACQUISTA Northern Lights by Tim O'Brien

Animated history of America nuclear power:
The Demon Hot Atom: Internet Glossary of Nuclear Terminology:
Here is a list of all nuclear power plants in America, with details about each one:
Here is a list of about 400 books and videos about nuclear power:


Meltdown: The Collapse of the Nuclear Dream
by Crispin Aubrey - Thorp: The Whitehall Nightmare

Find Articles

Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press
by Kristina Borjesson Black list : Quinze grands journalistes américains brisent la loi du silence
by Kristina Borjesson, Vidal Gore (Paperback - April 25, 2003) Imperial America : Reflections on the United States of Amnesia
by Gore Vidal (Hardcover - May 10, 2004) Inventing A Nation: Washington, Adams, Jefferson
by Gore Vidal (Hardcover - November 1, 2003)
Epidemiological studies of some populations exposed to ionizing radiation  -J.L. Weeks - 8/85

CS Monitor Online  Monitor - Christian Science Monitor - Domestic Ed USA TODAY  International Edition The Wall Street Journal

Bulletin Atomic Scientists Online Bulletin Atomic Scientists The Ecologist Assessing the Nuclear Age: Selections from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists by Len Ackland, Steven McGuire
 Conferences, Meetings, News
holding investors to account

Nuclear Hazzards - Antidote to Nuclear Pollution

Nuclear technology is the only science known
that has taken victims and left:
houses without families ...playgrounds without children
... empty streets and communities without people

What happened to the Plutonium 235 at Chernoble
and is even now happening?

CZT Radiation Sensors for homeland security
cargo, and low-power mobile applications. --

Educational Links in Biophysics HHMI interactive
educational resources

Fast Breeding Pu-235 China Syndrome | Public Health | Associations and Organizations

Links | Computational Physics | Dosimetry

FindLaw Firms Online -- 11222 Web Sites for the Legal Community.
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Disposal | What to Do in a Nuclear Emergency | For Geologists | for Geology