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Accident at Geysers

New! Robots for Geothermal Geologists Program

Reasonable Latitude (in Protecting Human Life)
for the expansion of atomic energy programs.

Plutonium 239 surfaces in neighboring communities and regions.

The issue of plutonium-239 leaks at the The Geysers has become an area of importance because of the danger of exposure of geothermal workers and unsuspecting persons to the plutonium actinides. do we get definite information, and how do we get it from unbiased sources, or at the very least, from a balance of sources, in order to come to some sort of meaningful conclusions on whether to be clad in full radiation protection gear and respirator; to measure plutonium-239 infused plumes around grounds and geologic formations? And, what about those worrisome reports of yet another source of potent smoking burning metal / fissile plutonium radiation around the Lab's accelerator?

These are the questions and puzzlements confronting the academic community faced with a barrage of media coverage, some proclaiming this all to be no more than hoopla, some saying any radiation is harmful, some saying the jury is really out at this point.

Then, of course, we have Lab representatives pointing out that radiation levels are well below regulatory standards, while citizen advocacy groups argue that such statements by the Lab distort reality.

Private Labs Fake Environmental Tests

Earth's Carbon Dioxide Levels reach Record High Levels!

Alternative Risk Analysis

Someone you know?

Escaped Plutonium 239 in process
is 3 billion more times radioactive than fuel first mined.
In the event of an accident,
the amount of plutonium-239 and by-products continually generating
would extend from the earth to the moon and back within three seconds.
Because of the immense amount of waste,
it is important to shut down the nuclear reaction with neutron absorbers,
control rods and moderators: steel beams, boron, cadmium
inserted into the reactive cores as soon as possible.

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