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Uncovering the Secrets of the Actinides
Illustrated article, covering the uses of these elements in nuclear chemistry, and related research initiatives.

Open University Video of the Chemistry of the Actinides
Features the video in QuickTime format, along with details of the running order.

OECD Nuclear Energy Agency Radioactive Waste Management Programme
The NEA's goal is to assist member countries in radioactive waste management, developing safe management and disposal strategies for spent fuel, long-lived waste, and waste from the decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

Eureka County Nevada Nuclear Waste Page
Includes recent news articles, maps, photos, links, FAQ, time-line, publications, and legislative information related to the proposed nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. Also info on transportation of high-level radioactive waste.

Gulf of the Farallones Disposal Issues
U.S. Geological Survey info on an area offshore of San Francisco, California. Ocean dump used to dispose of 47,800 containers of low-level radioactive waste between 1946 and 1970.

Sierra Club Nuclear Waste Task Force
Very comprehensive site focused on nuclear waste. Includes news, policies, maps and links. Locate nuclear related information including international.

Nuclear Guardianship Library
Resources for developing the political, technical and moral understanding required for the responsible care of radioactive materials for many generations.


Keep Yellowstone Nuclear Free (KYNF)
Campaign against plutonium waste incinerator at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. United States Department of Energy (DOE) has agreed to halt its plan to build a plutonium waste incinerator at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL).

Deadly Radiation Hazards USA
Map and database of significant nuclear facilities in the US compiled from government sources.

Great Canadian Nuclear Waste Saga
Full text books by Walter Robbins on storage of high-level waste in the Canadian shield. Info on Accelerator Transmutation of Nuclear Waste.

Energy Net
Originated from the Abalone Alliance. Working to halt operation and construction of nuclear power plants in California including action on Diablo Canyon nuclear power facility and Ward Valley waste dump.

The Sub-Seabed Solution
Article in the Atlantic Monthly about long term storage of radioactive waste beneath the ocean floor.

computational physics

An Epic and Open Exploration of Nuclear Issues
Environmentalist newsletter DOEWatch site on nuclear issues particularly around Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Nuclear Waste Disposal Issues in Fort Hancock, Texas
Provide information about nuclear waste disposal and how society deals with important social issues involving scientific and technical problems.

UK Radioactive / Munitions Dumping
Celtic League information on secret nuclear dumping in the UK including Sellafield.

Waste Disposal in the Arctic Seas
Results and conclusions of International Arctic Seas Assessment Project (IASAP) IAEA supported study.

Biological War on Waste
Biological remediation of nuclear waste. The Oak Ridger Online.

U.S. Nuclear Manufacturing and/or Waste Sites
CQS Health and Environment list

Madeline Felkins Hot Sheets
Investigative pieces regarding Rocketdyne/Boeing radiation poisoning of the surrounding communities in California.

Heartland Operation to Protect the Environment (HOPE)
Nuclear waste issues particularly in Nebraska. Also includes news articles and links to related sites around the USA. Including nuclear waste policies, low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) and irradiated fuel rod transportation.

Waste In The West Siberian Basin
Russian scientists began discharging liquid radioactive waste to rivers and reservoirs and injecting waste into the groundwater some 50 years ago. Scientists are working on remediation strategies at the three Russian sites.

Nevadans for Nuclear Safety and Benefits
Advocates a responsible and direct approach to Yucca Mountain and encourages political leaders to focus on a plan that will provide Nevada with the highest levels of health and environmental protections.

Tonawanda Nuclear Site Info
Up-to-date educational resource maintained by citizen-scientist chronicling ongoing government mismanagement of nuclear wastes from former Manhattan Project uranium refinery in Tonawanda, NY.

Actinium (10)
Americium (10)
Berkelium (11)
Californium (10)
Curium (11)
Einsteinium (9)
Fermium (9)
Lawrencium (10)
Mendelevium (11)
Neptunium (11)
Nobelium (11)
Plutonium (19)
Protactinium (10)
Thorium (12)
Uranium (20)

Plutonium Ode

Webelements : Plutonium
Gives extensive information concerning Plutonium, including its compounds, history, and properties.

Chemlab: Plutonium
Gives a quick reference to the chemical properties of Plutonium, as well as an extensive list of its isotopes.

LANL: Plutonium
Isotopes, uses, properties, and hazards.

Chemical - Plutonium (Pu)
Information on the chemical properties of plutonium, as well as its electron cloud diagram.

It's Elemental: Plutonium
Basic physical and historical information.

Information about the history and properties of plutonium in paragraph form.

Lenntech: Plutonium
Physical data, chemical properties, health and environmental effects.

Superconductor: Plutonium
Describes the way that scientists found a way to use plutonium as a supercondutor.

Plutonium Fact Sheet
A fact sheet about plutonium from the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in Carlsbad, New Mexico. Plutonium
Atomic structure, chemical and physical properties, and table of nuclides.

Visual Elements: Plutonium
Image, general and physical information, source, uses, and key isotopes.

Periodic Table : Scholar edition: Plutonium : Index of properties
Extensive information about nearly every chemical property of plutonium.

Plutonium : The First 50 Years
Details United States Plutonium Production, Acquisition, and Utilization from 1944 through 1994.

Plutonium: The 94th Element
An extensive research document about plutonium. It includes pictures and graphs.

Seaborg Center - Seaborg Links
A biography of Glenn Seaborg, the discoverer of plutonium.

ChemGlobe: Plutonium
Electronic, thermal, and steric data along with an isotope table.

Radiochemistry of Plutonium
Full text of the monograph by George H. Coleman (University of California, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Livermore, California). [PDF]

Provides a number of data tables with plutonium's chemical properties. It also contains an extensive history of plutonium.

OUTFO - Element 094 - Plutonium (Pu)
A quick reference table for Plutonium.

The Actinide Research Quarterly: Winter 1997 : On the Disposal of Plutonium
An article that is an interview with a leading scientist on the disposal of plutonium.

Guardian Unlimited | Ethical Reasons | Why Beagles ... ?
Society, Issues: Paul Kelso. Around half of the research
at HLS involves animals and is designed
to meet the Animal Scientific Procedures Act (1986)
which demands that a wide ...,3604,442331,00.html

Actinides (17)
Actinium (10)
Alkali Earth Metals (8)
Alkali Metals (8)
Aluminum (12)
Americium (10)
Antimony (12)
Argon (12)
Arsenic (13)
Astatine (12)

Barium (10)
Berkelium (11)
Beryllium (13)
Bismuth (13)
Bohrium (11)
Boron (13)
Bromine (11)

Cadmium (11)
Calcium (10)
Californium (10)
Carbon (13)
Cerium (10)
Cesium (12)
Chlorine (13)
Chromium (12)
Cobalt (12)
Copper (13)
Curium (11)

Darmstadtium (3)
Dubnium (9)
Dysprosium (10)

Einsteinium (9)
Erbium (10)
Europium (10)

Fermium (9)
Fluorine (12)
Francium (12)

Gadolinium (11)
Gallium (12)
Germanium (12)
Gold (13)
Hafnium (11)
Halogens (8)
Hassium (11)
Helium (14)
Holmium (10)
Hydrogen (13)

Indium (12)
Iodine (12)
Iridium (11)
Iron (12)
Krypton (13)

Lanthanides (18)
Lanthanum (10)
Lawrencium (10)
Lead (12)
Lithium (12)
Lutetium (10)

Magnesium (12)
Manganese (12)
Meitnerium (10)
Mendelevium (11)
Mercury (22)
Metalloids - Metals (3)
Metalloids - Nonmetals (4)
Metals (13)
Molybdenum (12)

Neodymium (12)
Neon (13)
Neptunium (11)
Nickel (12)
Niobium (11)
Nitrogen (12)
Nobelium (11)
Noble Gases (8)
Nonmetals (12)

Osmium (11)
Oxygen (11)

Palladium (11)
Phosphorus (11)
Platinum (11)
Platinum Metals (8)
Plutonium (19)
Polonium (12)
Potassium (11)
Praseodymium (10)
Promethium (10)
Protactinium (10)

Radium (12)
Radon (10)
Rhenium (12)
Rhodium (11)
Roentgenium (3)
Rubidium (11)
Ruthenium (10)
Rutherfordium (9)

Samarium (10)
Scandium (11)
Seaborgium (10)
Selenium (12)
Silicon (13)
Silver (11)
Sodium (11)
Strontium (11)
Sulfur (13)

Tantalum (10)
Technetium (12)
Tellurium (11)
Terbium (10)
Thallium (11)
Thorium (12)
Thulium (10)
Tin (12)
Titanium (12)
Transactinides (9)
Transition Metals (32)
Tungsten (13)

Uranium (20)
Vanadium (12)
Xenon (12)
Ytterbium (10)
Yttrium (11)

Zinc (12)
Zirconium (11)

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
WIPP is a repository for Transuranic Waste established by the Department of Energy. Describes the plant facilities, mission, development and includes fact sheets, photos, links, information on transportation of waste to WIPP, and other aspects of its operation.
A resource on nuclear waste that covers all the issues; disposal, storage, management, treatment and activism. A wide variety of links.

The Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility
Group dedicated to education and research on all issues related to nuclear energy, whether civilian or military -- including non-nuclear alternatives -- especially those pertaining to Canada.

Nevada Nuclear Waste Project Office
Site produced by the Nevada State Agency for Nuclear Projects on the efforts of the state to prevent additional nuclear waste from being shipped into the state for disposal.

Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout
Coalition of Canadian public interest organizations concerned with the environmental consequences of nuclear power generation.

Hanford Watch
Our mission is to educate the public on Hanford issues, and work to increase public participation in the Hanford decision-making process.

Yucca Mountain - Fluid Inclusions Research
Yuri Dublyansky's investigations of Yucca Mountain paleohydrology, and related subjects.

The Legacy of the Manhattan Project in Niagara Falls
A series on atomic materials production in Niagara Falls, New York, industry and the legacy of involvement.

A-Z Anti-Nuclear
Large list of links to nuclear activist web sites for both weapons and energy.

Toward a Plutonium Free Future
Collection of articles and material on nuclear waste issues and guides for citizen action against nuclear power, waste and weapons.

Bellona Foundation
Nuclear waste and environmental information about Russia and the former Soviet States. Covers news and events.

Shell Nuclear Waste
Site about the case against Shell in their alleged dumping of nuclear waste in the UK in the process of decommissioning Shell Research Limited's-Thornton Research Centre in Cheshire, England.

Redwood Alliance
The Redwood Alliance is an environmental organization dedicated to clean, renewable energy alternatives. Works on nuclear waste and power issues.

NNI - No Nukes Inforesource
Collection of articles on nuclear issues including incidents in nuclear facilities, nuclear waste management, fuel cycle issues and reprocessing.

Group fighting nuclear waste dumping, Yucca Mountain and providing information on these and other issues associated with nuclear waste such as transportation of waste.

Nuclear Waste Citizens Coalition
The NWCC unites 18 different groups working on various aspects of the nuclear waste problem. Our broad coalition includes anti-nuclear power groups, nuclear reactor communities, peace activists, nuclear weapons opponents, groups from contaminated DOE facilities, residents of sites targeted for nuclear waste dumps, and national environmental groups.

Campaign Against Nuclear Storage and Radiation
CANSAR is a group dedicated to addressing the threats to the people of Plymouth,and South East Cornwall UK from nuclear radiation and pollution by the operations carried out at the Devonport Royal Dockyard by the MoD and DML.

Heartland Operation to Protect the Environment
HOPE is a nonprofit educational and informational resource service. Since 1990, we have been studying and compiling information with regard to nuclear waste issues across the nation. We have focused mainly on low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) and irradiated fuel rod transportation.

Information regarding nuclear waste, spent fuel, nuclear waste transportation, and reprocessing in Germany, Romania and Bulgaria.

American Baptist Resolution on the Disposal of Hazardous and Radioactive Wastes 9/82
Resolution against nuclear waste adopted by the American Baptist Convention in 1980 and updated in 1982.

ARDT Home Page
ARDT: Principles of the Advocates for Responsible Disposal in Texas. It is essential that low-level radioactive waste be consolidated, properly packaged, monitored and ultimately disposed of in accordance with stringent federal and state safety and environmental standards.

The Case of Grigory Pasko
Russian military officer and reporter who filmed a Russian navy tanker dumping radioactive waste in the Sea of Japan. Prosecuted and later freed on charges of treason.

Radioactive Waste to Skull Valley, Utah
Petition to obtain public hearings regarding the transport of the wastes and the hazards of the proposed site. Science: Periodic Table: Elements: Plutonium
A concise table of the chemical properties of plutonium. Also includes the spelling of its name in several European languages.

U.S. DOE - Uranium Facts
Technical information from the U.S. Department Of Energy (DOE) on uranium as nuclear fuel. Includes an overview of the fuel cycle, its historical background, the related scientific and commercial DOE activities and responsibilities.

Plutonium Investigation
Information from the World Information Service on Energy (WISE) about energy systems and policy in the nuclear field. Includes information on plutonium and mixed-oxide (MOX) nuclear fuels. [English, French]

Decay Heat in Nuclear Fuel
Collection publications, links and relevant technical information concerning the decay heat of irradiated nuclear fuel.

Nuclear Waste Products

Excerpts from The Earth Report and Articles by Peter Bunyard

The public has become increasingly anxious about what the nuclear industry intends to do with all the accumulating nuclear waste. Various options have been put forward, and they range from dispatching the waste into space on the back of a rocket to dropping it judiciously into the Mid-Atlantic trench and leaving movements of the earth's crust to take the waste ever deeper. Other choices include drilling bore holes several thousands of meters deep either into rock or on land or out at sea, digging out caverns, again either on land or at sea (with a tunnel to the land) or building mausoleum-like structures on the surface of the land.

The industry believes that different kinds of nuclear wastes need different kinds of disposal. The most radioactive obviously needs the greatest care - and the deepest disposal - whereas low-level waste requires little more than sub-surface disposal, not very different from modern methods of landfill.

If spent fuel has been reprocessed, the disposal of waste requires a somewhat different approach than if the fuel has been left intact, as is now the practice in countries such as the United States and to an increasing extent in Sweden. In the United States the consensus both within the nuclear industry and the environmental movement is that the spent fuel should be stored in special self-cooling structures, designed to draw in a natural circulation of air.

Nevertheless, spent fuel is accumulating at a considerable rate, threatening to clog the system before sufficient facilities can be built. More than 20,000 spent fuel assemblies - the product of little more than 20 years of reactor operation - are now stored temporarily in spent fuel ponds throughout the United States, and the number is increasing by some 4,000 each year. By the end of this year the number could be 300,000.

What happened to the Plutonium 235 at Chernoble
and is even now happening?

CZT Radiation Sensors for homeland security
cargo, and low-power mobile applications. --

Educational Links in Biophysics HHMI interactive
educational resources

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