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Low Cost Geiger Counter 	
Digital Geiger Counter with Wand & PC (serial) Output by Images SI Inc. Geiger Muller Counter Kit Analog Meter Geiger Counter with Wand

Geiger Counter Kit with Wand-- Unassembled by Images SI Inc.

309-1999 IEEE Standard Test Procedures and Standard Bases
for Geiger-Mueller Counters (Hardcover - May 1999)

Asleep at the Geiger Counter: Nuclear Destruction of the Planet and How to Stop It by Sidney Goodman (Paperback) Long Emergency

SMS-2 Universal Noise Dosimeter Kit

Digital Geiger Counter Cell Phone EMF (electro-magnetic field) Radiation Detector

Semiconductor Radiation Detectors : Device Physics (Accelerator Physics) by Gerhard Lutz
<a href=

Introduction to Nuclear Radiation Detectors
by P. N. Cooper

Radiation: Children at Risk.(Brief Article)
An article from: Multinational Monitor [HTML]
by Russell Mokhiber (Digital)

The dielectric bolometer,
a new type of thermal radiation detector
(NASA technical note) by R. A Hanel Radiation detectors fall short of standards.
(SECURITY BEAT: Homeland Defense Briefs)
An article from National Defense [HTML]
by Joe Pappalardo (Digital)

Radiation Detectors: Physical Principles and Applications
(Oxford Science Publications) by C. F. G. Delaney, E. C. Finch

Semiconductors for Room-Temperature
Radiation Detector Applications

San Francisco Symposium
(Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings)
by R. B. James

CZT Radiation Sensors for homeland security
cargo, and low-power mobile applications. --

Educational Links in Biophysics HHMI interactive
educational resources

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