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Voices From Chernobyl (Lannan Selection) by Svetlana Alexievich, KEITH GESSEN 

The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster (Environmental Disasters) by W. Scott Ingram, Scott 


Letters from the End of the World

Hiroshima by John Hersey Hiroshima in History and Memory
by Michael J. Hogan (Editor) Rain of Ruin: A Photographic History of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
by Donald M. Goldstein, et al The Atomic Bomb: Voices from Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Japan in the Modern World)
by Kyoko Seldon, et al Hiroshima : Why America Dropped the Atomic Bomb
by Ronald Takaki Hiroshima in America: A Half Century of Denial
by Robert Jay Lifton, Greg Mitchell Death in Life: Survivors of Hiroshima
by Robert Jay Lifton Hiroshima Notes by Kenzaburo Oe, et al 	Letters from the End of the World: A Firsthand Account of the Bombing of Hiroshima
by Toyofumi Ogura One Sunny Day: A Child's Memories of Hiroshima
by Hideko Tamura Snider Hiroshima : Three Witnesses by Richard H. Minear Judgement at the Smithsonian by Philip Nobile Displays of Power: Controversy in the American Museum from the Enola Gay to Sensation
by Steven C. Dubin Living With the Bomb: American and Japanese Cultural Conflicts in the Nuclear Age 

(Japan in the Modern World)
by Laura Hein (Editor), et al The Victim As Hero: Ideologies of Peace and National Identity in Postwar Japan
by James Joseph Orr Clear Conscience: The Atom Bomb Vs. the Super Holocaust
by Raymond Davis, Dan Winn From Hiroshima With Love: The Allied Military Governor's Remarkable Story of the 

Rebuilding of Japan's Business and Industry After Wwii
by Raymond A. Higgins Hiroshima Forever: The Ecology of Mourning
by Michael Perlman Hotspots: The 

Legacy of Hiroshima (Cassell Global Issues)
by Sue Rabbitt Roff, Sue Rabbitt Roff

Hiroshima: A Symphonic Elegy for Spoken Voices by Toby Lurie

Document of A-bombed Nagasaki
by Tatsuichiro Akizuki

The Food That Would Last Forever:
Understanding the Dangers of Food Irradiation by Gary Gibbs

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that
eating irradiated food is detrimental to ones health.
I have great difficulty trusting a government agency (FDA)
that acquiesces so readily to industry, in spite of overwhelming evidence.

The consumer is left in the dark, not knowing the extent of irradiation,
and abandoned by the FDA to read industry supported documents.

Another quote from the book: of Best Health Sites

"The people within the irradiation industry
are very tightlipped about their activities,
and the FDA does not require them to disclose
such information for the public record. Indeed,
many aspects of the FDA's food irradiation policy
make it virtually impossible for the consumer to find out
just how much of the food supply is being irradiated,
or to know where these irradiated foods are being used."

Technologies Curse: Diet for the Atomic Age by Sara Shannon, Ernest J. Sternglass (Compiler)

The Social Impact of the Chernobyl Disaster
by David R. Marples, Victor G. Snell

by Ernest J. Sternglass

An experimental study of electron back-scattering
and secondary emission from solids

Secret fallout: Low-level radiation from Hiroshima to Three Mile Island
(McGraw Hill paperbacks by Ernest J Sternglass):

Infant mortality changes following the Three Mile Island accident

Radioactive waste discharges from the Shippingport
Nuclear Power Station and changes in cancer mortality

Cancer mortality changes around nuclear facilities in Connecticut

Birth weight and infant mortality changes in Massachusetts
following releases from Pilgram Nuclear Power Plant

Significance of radiation monitoring results
for the shippingport nuclear reactor

Strontium-90 levels in the milk and diet near Connecticut
nuclear power plants by Ernest J Sternglass

Big Bang China Syndrome

Best Health Document of A-bombed Nagasaki
by Tatsuichiro Akizuki
Best HealthNagasaki 1945
(Paperback) by Gordon Honeycombe

Earthquake Preparedness
"On the beach" : Australia's nuclear history .htm
A short article on the history of British nuclear testing in Australia and a discussion of Canberra's motives for cooperating with such tests. Also contains short biographies of prominent Australian nuclear scientists.
A Century of Science / Brookhaven National Lab
A brief history of the lab at Brookhaven, it's founding, development and achievements in nuclear physics and nuclear energy research.
A Lovely Experiment
Albert Wattenbert writes in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists about working with Enrico Fermi to create the first chain reaction.
A Scientific Expedition to Amchitka Island l
Greenpeace report documenting the radioactive legacy of an American underground nuclear test on the Alaskan island of Amchitka.
A-Bomb Archive tm
Discusses nuclear weapons, the survivability of nuclear blasts, weapon totals for the nuclear powers, and specific data regarding the UK program.

AAHM Gallery Tour - Birth of the Atomic Bomb Gallery
Online tour of exhibit on the development, use and technology of the nuclear bomb. Covers the origin of the idea of nuclear weapons, building the facilities to produce materials, research and develop nuclear weapons.
Accelerating Cleanup: Paths to Closure
Outlines the Energy Department's work to clean up contamination at DOE legacy sites.
Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion - Introduction
Covers the US failed project to produce atomic powered aircraft. A detailed look at the technology involved as well as materials relating to the reasons the program failed.
All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics
A history of one of the Soviet Union's leading atomic research institutes. Includes a virtual museum of tactical and strategic nuclear weapons and delivery systems.
Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues
Wide range of vetted, indexed, annotated references for the study of nuclear issues. Collection is searchable and includes books, articles, films, CD-ROMs, and websites.

A merica Faces the Atomic Age: 1946 n-feb/graybar.html
The A-bomb and atomic testing were entirely new phenomena in history and there was a variety of opinion about the tests and the weapon. This article used polls and journalistic impressions to discuss the spectrum of this opinion.
Andrei Sakharov: Soviet Physics, Nuclear Weapons and Human Rights
A biography of Andrei Sakharov and his contributions to Soviet nuclear weapons research, nuclear fusion, cosmology, human rights, and world peace. Includes a bibliography and links to related sites.
Anno Atomi: Growing Up with the Atom
Documents the atmospheric atomic bomb tests conducted at the Nevada Test Site during 1957. Compiled using government press releases and images, with comments by soldiers and citizens.
Anti Nuclear Alert
A collection of speeches, articles, and full text documents on nuclear safety, legislation, and treaties. Map of nuclear hazards in the US, links section and NucNews, a collection of news clippings, archive available.
Archive of Nuclear Data
Reports, tables, and statistics on nuclear stockpiles, strategic nuclear forces, and nuclear test programs of the United States, Russia, France, China, and Great Britain.

Atlas Missile Silo
Read about the first generation ICBM missile Silos put into service by the United States Air Force during the early 1960's.
Atomic Archive
Timeline of nuclear weapon development, biographies of atomic scientists, accounts of nuclear tests, arms-control treaties, full text original documents, an image and video gallery, a glossary and teachers guide.
Atomic Bomb
Quotes and information about the bombs dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Small picture gallery.
Atomic Bombing: How to Protect Yourself
Full text and illustrations from the 1950 atom-war survival guide.
Atomic force and bombs
Nuclear weapon history site. Information on the Manhattan Project, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and nuclear weapons technology. Luxembourg site in English.

Atomic Heritage Foundation
Information about a symposium on the Manhattan Project, a film, the goals of the Foundation and other projects.
Atomic Veterans History Project
Personal narratives, photographs of exercises and tests at the Nevada Test Site, 1946 to 1962.
Bikini Atoll
Information on Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands, the site of many American nuclear tests in the 1940s and 1950s. Includes a history of the islands and the nuclear tests as well as information on efforts to clean up radioactive contamination and US reparations.
Bobby and the A-Bomb Factory
Provides a free version of Bob Myers' childhood memoir about growing up in the 1950s in the shadow of the Hanford A-Bomb plant.
Canada's Nuclear History
A chronology of general and Canadian achievements and events in the history of nuclear energy. Traces the development of the CANDU reactor and the commercial power industry in Canada. Includes notes and links to further information.

Canada's Role in the Atomic Bomb Programs of the US, UK, France & India
A chronology of Canada's contributions to the nuclear weapon programs of several countries. Includes material on the production of plutonium at Chalk River and the accident there, the development and export of CANDU reactors, a picture gallery and other material.
Chronological Table of Nuclear Weapons
A detailed chronology of events significant in the development of nuclear weapon technology. Covers the entire twentieth century.
Chronology of Nuclear Testing in the Marshall Islands
Dates and map of US nuclear weapons tests in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean. A timeline with entries relating to the dislocation of the people of the Marshalls and damages resulting from the testing.
Citizen Kurchatov
A biography of Stalin's enigmatic director of the Soviet project to build the atomic bomb. Details his efforts as head of the project to develop first the atomic bomb and then the hydrogen bomb. Includes documents and links.
Citizens Nuclear Information Center
Provides updates on the nuclear industry in Japan, follows events in depth that affect the public and publishes informational literature on nuclear topics. English version of a Japanese site.

City of Hiroshima: Atomic Bomb and Peace
Historical information regarding the damage from the bombing of the city. Also includes information about the Peace Memorial, the A-Domes registration as a World Heritage Site, and about the city today.
CNN Cold War - The Atomic Age: From fission to fallout science/
A brief history of the beginning of the Atomic Age including photographs, video clips and links. Part of a series on the Cold War.
Comprehensive History of US Atomic Bomb Testing
Details of surface and subsurface atomic tests conducted in the United States and their impact on human health. Includes maps of test sites and links to summaries of individual shots.
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) Site Home
Documents and analysis of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, ratification, nuclear testing, Stockpile Stewardship, and monitoring and verification. A large collection of articles, links and documents relating to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.
Conelrad: All Things Atomic
Devoted to atomic culture past and present. The creation of writers who grew up in the shadow of the bomb and all its attendant pop culture fallout, list of atomic links.

Large site by the Children of the Manhattan Project group with biographies, articles, photos, historic documents and other materials relating to the Manhattan Project.
Cultural Resources Program - The Hanford Site Historic District
Information on the historic buildings at Hanford, photographs, B reactor documents, a chronology of Hanford, treatment information, the agreement with Washington State, and other documents.
Department of Energy - Historical Nuclear Weapons Test Films m
Recently declassified footage of nuclear tests. Tapes are available for order. Clips and descriptions are available to view at the site.
Department of Energy Documents
Documents relating to stockpile, testing, safety, reactor programs and other nuclear issues made available under the Openness Initiative at the DOE Secretaries June 27, 1994, Press Conference.
Department of Energy Documents 2
Documents relating to classification of DOE Material, reprocessing, plutonium and other nuclear issues made available under the Openness Initiative at the DOE Secretaries February 6, 1996, Press Conference.

Documents Related to the Cold War
Full text original documents relating to the Cold War period. Covers the years from 1945 to 1986. A very wide range of material dealing with many points of view. Also has a retrospective section looking back on the era.
Documents Relating to the Development of the Atomic Bomb and Its use on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
A large collection of original documents relating to the decision to develop and use the atomic bomb. Historic reports from the Manhattan Project, and correspondence, memos, diary entries and reports from a variety of major decision makers of the period.
DOE/NV - Photo Library
A collection of historic still photos of nuclear tests at the Nevada Test Site and in the Pacific Ocean. Also includes photos of test preparations at the Test Site, waste management facilities, other infrastructure at the site, and wildlife living on the site.
DOE/NV Publications - Historical Reports efault.htm
Links to full text historic reports on various aspects of nuclear weapons testing by the United States available for download in PDF format, including "United States Nuclear Tests, July 1945 through September 1992" a listing of every test.
Frontline: Russian Roulette
Discusses missing nuclear materials from the former Soviet Union, suitcase bombs, interviews, readings, the future of nuclear weapons and the Russian nuclear complex.

Harry Daghlian: America's first peacetime atom bomb fatality
Daghlian worked for the Manhattan Project. The site tells his story and serves as a memorial.
Health Physics Historical Instrumentation Museum Collection
Online tour of the museums holdings in the area of health physics including a large selection of radioactive quack cures, dosimeters, geiger-mueller counters, fluoroscopes used to fit shoes, and x-ray apparatus. Early in the century many health claims were made for radioactive substances and apparatus.
High Energy Weapons Archive
Discusses the physics of the various types of nuclear weapons and the effects of nuclear explosions. Includes a history, images, and chronology of atomic and thermonuclear weapons testing.
History of Efforts for the Test Ban
Links to resources on the history of national and international efforts to ban all nuclear weapons testing. Includes resources on past American presidents' policies toward nuclear test bans.
History of Nuclear Power Plant Safety
A time line covering the period from the 1940s to the present day and detailing the development of safety features, practices and systems in nuclear power plants. Includes bibliographic references.

History of Nuclear Weapons Testing
A brief history of nuclear testing worldwide by Greenpeace.
History of Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Historic photographs, full text of a detailed history of the site and the part it played during and after WWII, a timeline, the directors and contractors through the years and fact sheets.
History of Pantex
An account by a long time employee of the beginning and development of the Pantex plant which produces nuclear weapons. Part of a larger site that covers the current mission of Pantex.
History of the Plutonium Production Facilities at the Hanford Site Historic District, 1943-1990, Manhattan Project: 1943-1946, Cold War Era: 1947-1990
A complete history of the development of the Hanford Reservation site during the Manhattan Project and the Cold War, covering the period from 1943 to 1990. Details the construction, operation and history of facilities on the reservation.
How the Bomb Saved Soviet Physics
The story of the development of the Soviet bomb and its effect on physics in the Soviet Union. Discusses the political pressures of Stalinist Russia on the study of physics and the conduct of the effort to produce a bomb.

In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer
By the Avalon Project of the Yale Law School, has original documents from the findings and recommendation of the Personnel Security Board in the case of Dr. Oppenheimer. Includes letters, and the opinion written by the Atomic Energy Commission.
India-Pakistan Nuclear Central
Reference materials, current issues, editorials and data on the nuclear programs of India and Pakistan. Has maps, links to media sites, links to sites from both countries, and a collection of Nuclear Control Institute documents on the issues involved.
It Seems Like Yesterday - Winter 99: The Atomic Age< /font>
A history of the Atomic Age of the 1950s. Includes links to a few feature articles from the 1950s that let the reader get an idea of the social impact of atomic weapons on American society.
Kurchatov Institute
A museum about Igor Kurchatov, head of the USSR's A-bomb project, and Soviet nuclear weapons research. Provides virtual tours of Kurchatov's life and Soviet atomic research facilities.
Lawrence and His Laboratory /
Scientific history of the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's first 50 years (1931-1981).

Leo Szilard Online
Leo Szilard (1898-1964) participated in the American Manhattan Project but afterwards became a leading critic of the Cold War nuclear arms race. Includes biographical information, documents, photos, audio, links.
Living Under a Mushroom Cloud: Fear and Hope in the Atomic Age
Virtual version of an museum exhibit. Addresses the ambivalence of the public toward atomic power and weapons in the period between 1945 and 1965. Articles, photographs.
Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory - Research Library: History
A collection of links from the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory on its role in the history of American nuclear weapons development.
Louis Slotin Memorial
Dr. Slotin was a scientist involved with the development of the atomic bomb as part of the Manhattan Project. Tells the story of his work, life and death in an accident at Los Alamos.
Manhattan Project
Information, atomic timeline, how fusion works, how fission works, survey, forums, test, and explanation of the atom.

Chronology of the development of the atomic energy agency in India and the achievements of the agency in both power production and weapons development.
National Atomic Museum
A museum covering the historical development of atomic energy and armaments. Includes virtual tours of Manhattan Project, nuclear arms, delivery systems, nuclear non-proliferation, and non-military applications of nuclear technology.
NRC: Our History
A brief history of the agency and it's predecessor, the AEC.
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
An archive of articles on nuclear armaments, testing, test bans, and treaties. Links to articles on related topics including nuclear power, NATO, disarmament and the arms trade.
Nuclear Age Timeline
Nuclear Age Timeline, The timeline traces the nuclear age from the discovery of x-rays and radioactivity to the explosion of the first atomic bomb through the cold war to its thaw and the cleanup of the nuclear weapons complex.

Nuclear And Thermonuclear Weapons
Database of nuclear explosions, image gallery of test photos of US and other nuclear tests, chronology and background information on nuclear weapons.
Nuclear Facilities Management
A brief history of the Department of Energies responsibilities for uranium stewardship, a time line of uranium history, photos, links to current information about uranium use and sales in the US today.
Nuclear History Site
History and technology of nuclear weapons and power. Discusses Manhattan Project, development of the Superbomb, nuclear testing, nuclear energy issues, waste and other related topics.
Nuclear Notebook--The Facts and Figures< /font>
Collection of Nuclear Notebook columns from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists by Robert S. Norris and William Arkin of the Natural Resources Defense Council from 1995 through the present.
Nuclear Testing in India and Pakistan: Selected Internet Resources
Information on Indian and Pakistani nuclear weapons research and development. Includes statements, position papers, research and analysis, news coverage and opinion polls, and related information on nuclear proliferation.

Nuclear weapon research on the Internet
In depth collection of links to nuclear news, information, research, searches on nuclear topics, software to model nuclear blast effects, history, commentary, and links pages.
Nuclear Weapons
Information on nuclear weapons design, production, materials, testing and effects both historic and current. Includes diagrams and explanations of the physics and engineering involved in weapons design.
Nuclear Weapons Museum at Arzamas-16
An online photographic tour of the museum at the Los Alamos of the former Soviet Union, Arzamas-16. Photos and descriptions of the first Soviet atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb, the development of tactical and ballistic weapons, and the installations used for testing weapons.
Nuke Pop Home Page
An examination of the effect of the atomic age on popular culture in America. Deals with everything from mushroom clouds on record covers to movies and comic books.
Operation Crossroads, Nuclear Tests at Bikini
Detailed information from the US Navy Historical Center on Operation Crossroads, the first postwar nuclear test conducted at Bikini Atoll. Includes the composition of the task force, data on the target ships, historic artwork depicting aspects of the opperation, sources and links.

ORNL: The First 50 Years
History of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory from the 1940s to the 1990s, including the Manhattan Project era. Details the building of the lab, addition of facilities, the scientists who worked there, and the surrounding communities.
Our Nuclear Era
A history of the discovery, development and consequences of nuclear energy including the economic, social, philosophical, environmental and political results of the influence of nuclear energy. Includes photos, definitions of terms used, links to further information and a description of the physical principals of nuclear energy.
Pakistan's Nuclear Test
Fact sheet on Pakistan's nuclear weapons tests, reactors, research facilities, uranium enrichment and plutonium and tritium production plants, and weapons manufacturing facilities. Includes map.
Parallel History Project on NATO and the Warsaw Pact
Provides documentation on the development of NATO and the Warsaw Pact during the Cold War, their mutual threat perceptions and military plans, and their significance for our time. It presents new evidence from the archives of both NATO and former Warsaw Pact countries.
Physicians for Social Responsibility: New Nuclear Weapons and Strategy id=nuclear_weapons
Position papers describing PSR's opposition to nuclear testing, on test bans, and on related topics.

Purdue Physics - The War Period
Essay on the war time history of the physics department of Purdue University detailing work done there as a part of the Manhattan Project and in physics in general.
Radiation Information Network
Collection of links on the history of radiation and radiation protection.
Scientific Data of the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Disaster
Information on the physical, medical and epidemiological effects of the bombing of Nagasaki. Includes the testimony of Dr. Raisuke Shirabe, maps of the destroyed areas, and a list of links for further information.
Silo World
History of early ICBM's, missile launch facilities, the work of the missileers, collection of historic photos of silos under construction, in operation and the missiles they contained.
SRS Historical Highlights
An outline of the history of the Savanna River Site and it's part in the story of the atomic bomb.

Stealing the Fire. A film by John Friedman and Eric Nadler
Film Documentary. Traces the history on how top-secret nuclear technology was sold to Third World nations.
The American Experience | Race for the Super Bomb
Material from the documentary on the US/Soviet race to develop the hydrogen bomb. Includes a timeline, photographs, the people who were involved, maps, film clips of nuclear tests and a teachers guide.
The Atomic Age: A Brief Overview
An overview of the Manhattan Project, the use of the bomb, the development of the Cold War and the physics of nuclear weapons. Includes photographs and a bibliography.
The Atomic Bomb
Describes the process of fission as it relates to the bomb, covers the effects on people and buildings, has a timeline of events in the development of the bomb, and photos of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as other bomb effects.
The Atomic Century
History of the development of nuclear energy, human radiation experiments, the effects on people of the developments in nuclear physics.

The Atomic Duty of Bill Bires
A short history of Pvt. Bill Bires' military duty with Co."A" 231st Engineer Combat Battalion at the Nevada Test Sites Camp Desert Rock for the test series Buster Jangle in 1951.
The Bomb for My Pillow--A Child of the Atomic Age
A young African-American man's reminiscence of growing up in the shadow of nuclear annihilation during the 1950's. Educators may copy it freely.
The Bureau of Atomic Tourism
The Bureau of Atomic Tourism promotes tourist locations that have either been the site of atomic explosions, display exhibits on the development of atomic devices, or contain atomic weapons delivery systems. Includes links to related materials.
The Cold War
Article discussing it's origins, impact on the social history of the US and Russia, effect on foreign policy, the arms race, and the lessons learned. Includes photographs and opinion pieces on Cold War topics.
The Collision Between Western Civilization and Advanced Science and Technology
An examination of the impact of the advent on nuclear weapons on society and culture in the West. A large collection of quotes on the subject, photos, and analysis of the influences and their consequences.

The First Pile
Large excerpt from "The First Reactor," published December, 1982 by the U.S Department of Energy. Discusses the first sustained nuclear chain reaction which occurred in 1942 at the University of Chicago.
The History of Nuclear Testing: A Chronology
Key dates in the history of nuclear armaments tests and efforts to ban these tests.
Th e Impact of the Cold War on Washington, Hanford and the Tri Cities /hstaa432_24.html
An examination of the changes brought about by the development of Hanford as a part of the nuclear weapons complex and the effects on the region over the course of the period from the 1940's through the current time.
The Khariton Version of the Soviet Nuclear Program
A history of the politics and policies of the Soviet atomic and thermonuclear weapons research by one of the USSR's leading nuclear scientists.
The Men Behind Britain's Bomb ac=000114765117162&pg=/et/99/7/1/ecfnuk01.html
Article about the scientists involved in developing Britain's atomic bomb with supporting materials regarding the physics and technology involved in the project, and underground testing. Links to diagram of modern warhead and article about the ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty by the UK.

The NRDC Nuclear Program's Table of Contents to The Internet and the Bomb
A large collection of information and links on nuclear weapons put together by the Natural Resources Defence Council. Includes governmental, technical and news media sources as well as non-governmental organizations, with appendixes on DOE policy, weapons treaties, GAO reports and other information.
The Nuclear Connection
Traces connections between UFO sightings and the history of US nuclear research and development activities.
The Nuclear Files
Explore political and ethical dilemmas, challenges of the Nuclear Age. Discusses waste, power, weapons, the scientists and politicians involved, strategy, treaties, and other aspects of nuclear policy.
The Partial Test Ban Treaty
Text of the 1963 treaty signed by the US, the UK, and the USSR banning atmospheric, oceanic, and extraterrestrial testing of nuclear weapons.
The Pershing Weapon System and its Elimination
Covers the history of the Pershing. Includes a detailed chronology, historic photos, film clips of launches, and materials related to design and testing of the system.

The Swords of Armageddon
A site promoting a CD Rom set containing an encyclopedic history of U.S. nuclear weapons history. Gives examples of articles contained on CD, the table of contents, ordering information and a periodic newsletter.
The U.S. Nuclear Weapons Production and Naval Nuclear Propulsion Complex
Annotated list of nuclear weapons facilities operated by the US Government or by contractors on their behalf. Includes date of establishment, function, and other information including links to the official web page of the facility and its contractor.
Titan II ICBM Web Page
Describes the mission and capabilities of the system, includes photos, launch history, diagrams of the components of the missiles and their launch facilities and crew details.
Todd's Atomic Homepage
Collection of links on a variety of nuclear topics, including: university programs, job openings, reactors, anti-nuclear groups, weapons testing, waste disposal, computing, health physics, and engineering.
Trinity and Beyond
(the Atomic Bomb Movie)Website devoted to documentary films dealing with atomic history and obscure material on atomic testing. Contains many unique and rare QuickTime movies and jpeg photos regarding atomic testing and nuclear detonations.

Trinity Atomic Web Site
Discusses nuclear weapons technology, the effects of nuclear weapons, atmospheric testing, civil defence, and nuclear accidents. Includes an gallery of test photos and an annotated bibliography.
U.S. Nuclear Weapons Cost Study Project
The Brookings Institution studied the history of nuclear weapons development, production, and testing in the United States. Extensive information on historical weapons programs and their costs.
Where They Were - The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
A short history of American nuclear weapons deployments on foreign soil, often without the knowledge of the host country, from 1945 to 1977. Includes graphs of deployments by region.

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Management of Terrorist Events Involving Radioactive Material
Recommendations of the National Council on
Radiation Protection and Measurements
(Ncrp Report, No. 138)
by National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements
(Corporate Author) (Paperback - December 2001)

The Four Faces Of Nuclear Terrorism
by Charles D. Ferguson, et al
(Hardcover - June 14, 2005)

The Careless Atom
by Sheldon Novick

The Electric War: The Fight over Nuclear Power
by Sheldon Novick

Nuclear Accidents (An Impact Book)
by Joel Helgerson (School & Library Binding - March 1988)

The Aftermath of Chernobyl:
History's Worst Nuclear Power Reactor Accident
by C. C. Bailey

The Accident Hazards of Nuclear Power Plants
by Richard E. Webb

Anniversaries of TMI, Chernobyl.(NUCLEAR)
: An article from: Energy [HTML]
(Digital - March 22, 2004)

Chernobyl: eight years after; reactors are still there
and getting worse. : An article from: E [HTML]

by Glenn Alan Cheney (Digital - April 1, 1994)

Integrating energy options.(editorial)
An article from: Mechanical Engineering-CIME [HTML]
by John G. Falcioni (Digital - June 1, 2005)

RISKY Business (Russia opens nuclear reactors)
An article from: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists [HTML]
by Tony Wesolowsky (Digital - May 1, 2001)

Radionuclide Source Terms from Severe Accidents
to Nuclear Power Plants With Light Reactors (Safety Series)
(Paperback - July 1987)

Critical Mass by Steven Paul Martini

The Law of Nuclear Installations and Radioactive Substances
by Stephen Tromans (Hardcover - January 1997)

Nuclear Materials Safety Management
(NATO Science Partnership Sub-Series: 1:)
by K.L. Peddicord (Editor), et al
(Hardcover - July 31, 1998)

Field studies of radon in rocks, soils, and water
(SuDoc I 19.3:1971)
by U.S. Geological Survey

Chemistry of Cements for Nuclear Applications
Proceedings of Symposium on Chemistry of Cements
for Nuclear Applications of the 1991 E-Mrs Fall Conf
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by P. Barret, F. P. Glasser (Editor)

Contemporary Developments in Nuclear Energy Law
Harmonising Legislation in CEEC/NIS
(International Energy and Resources Law and Policy Series.)
by Nathalie Horbach (Hardcover - May 6, 1999)

Recovery Operations in the Event of a Nuclear Accident
or Radiological Emergency (Proceedings Series
(Paperback - June 1990)

Analysis of the Financial Assurance Plan
in the License Application for a Low-Level
Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility.

An article from: Journal of Economic Issues [HTML]
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Radiation Protection of the Public
in Respect of Consumer Goods Containing Radioactive Substances
by H. Eriskat, E. Bennett (Paperback - December 1985)

Radiation Protection: Theory and Practice : Proceedings of the 4th International 

Symposium of the Society for Radiological Protection, June 1989
by Malvern 8, et al (Hardcover - June 1989)

Exposure of the Pregnant Patient to Diagnostic Radiations
A Guide to Medical Management
by Louis K. Wagner, et al (Hardcover - June 1997)

Biomeds to ship radioactive waste to South Carolina.
(San Diego, California biomedical firms)
An article from: San Diego Business Journal [HTML]
by Bradley J. Fikes (Digital - December 7, 1992)

Biotechs again threaten to leave if City Council doesn't cooperate
industry wants support for radioactive waste site.
(San Diego, California's biotechnology ...
An article from: San Diego Business Journal [HTML]
by Bradley J. Fikes (Digital - March 16, 1992)

Management of Persons Accidentally Contaminated
With Radionuclides

(National Council on Radiation
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Flash Videos DNA

Hereditary Effects of Radiation:
Unscear 2001 Report to the General Assembly,
with Scientific Annex by United Nations
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Medical Consequences of Nuclear Warfare
Textbook of Military Medicine Pt.1 (008-023-00113-8)

Remote Techniques for Nuclear Plants
(Paperback - July 1993)

The Effects of Nuclear Weapons
by Samuel Glasstone, Philip J. Dolan

The Atomic Nucleus.
by Robley Dunglison, Evans

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